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"Edges" is a computer driven light installation projected on the geometry of a room. The idea is to make the geometry and architecture dominate the projection. The projection serves the underlying structure, it's like writing a choreography for the architecture. There is no post production or visual effects in these videos, it`s just a video camera filming the light installation.
    EDGES 1 (Mainz, November 2006)
Till Nowak is a digital media artist based in Hamburg, Germany. He is working for all kinds of interdisciplinary projects since 1999.

Besides his digital animations and illustrations for TV, cinema and creative agencies he is constantly working on his experimental and artistic projects like the EDGES light installations. Other examples for his independent work are TOFU, DISHES or his shortfilm DELIVERY which won more than 35 international awards.

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EDGES 2 (Frankfurt, July 2007)
"EDGES 3" was presented in November 2008 on the fassade of the new intercity Hotel in Mainz. The project was initiated by Agnes Kläger and made possible by Feuring Hotel Consultants. It is generously supported by Pöyry Infra, especially by Herr Flieger and Jozsef Anderlik.

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EDGES 3 (Mainz, August (test installation) / November 2008)


EDGES 4 (Berlin, 29. November 2008)

EDGES 5 "Red and Blue" (with music by Frank Zerban, Naples, 25 October 2009)

"KELVIN" - First Permanent Mapped Projection (click here for full information)
November 2010, Water Tower Neumünster


KELVIN in Neumünster, Photo by Till Nowak

KELVIN in Neumünster, Photo by Till Nowak

Photo by Maria Vittoria Cenzato

Photo by Maria Vittoria Cenzato

Photo by Till Nowak

Stage design with tubes for EDGES4 at très bonjour fashion show
designed by Till Nowak, realized by Mark Beversdorf, Jörg Gerstl, Frank Zerban and others...

Stefan Golz from WEMOTO and Till Nowak with EDGES2

A big THANK YOU goes to WEMOTO Clothing for the fun and the chance to
present EDGES2 at the Bright Skateboard Tradeshow 2007 in Frankfurt!!!


Concept draft previz for EDGES3